"Urbanspace is an innovative model for the construction industry."


 A Real Estate Company

Urbanspace is a real estate brokerage company that deals with the management, marketing and leasing of residential, tertiary and industrial properties.

Founded in 2007 by Veronica Sandolo, the company specializes in the field of shipbuilding, partnering large real estate groups in the development of interventions mainly for residential use, acquiring a strong competence in constructive design and in the knowledge of the new demands  of the real estate market.

Within awareness of the market it has proven to function with competence and reliability, and
the renewal of a business model that is customized each time according to the intervention

There are the main features that distinguish  Urbanspace from its competitors,
but above all, the passion that Sandolo has for the world of construction and architecture.


Relying on Urbanspace also means benefiting from the synergies that derive from years of collaboration which have created an integrated system of skills for the entire real estate system in the context of consultancy and enhancement, management and brokerage.